At FPGA Shields we provide quality training, setup and consulting for SEU mitigation using Xilinxâ„¢ FPGAs

  • Extensive knowledge to train using the new version of TMRTool 13.2
  • Over 7 years experience developing and helping customers meet the complex tradeoffs when designing FPGAs for harsh environments
  • Over 70 engineers from all over the world have been trained using our methods
  • We provide training and/or consulting on site or at a secure location.
  • No special tools or licenses need to be purchased or installed for trainings. We use a virtual machine image that allows each person a consistent environment.
  • Extensive experience making the tools work together in your unique environment
  • Expertise in using “soft” and hard (built-in) processor mitigation
  • For over a year we were intimately involved in the development and automated testing of the new TMRTool 13.2
  • In direct contact with the developers of tools and software

Please Fill out the secure contact form for a free consultation of your needs. We will then provide our full contact information, quotes for training, consulting, advice and more. FPGA Shields is a registered Xilinx Alliance Associate.